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Our work with CAMKID, a Khmu and Hmong grassroots subassociation of RRDTC, working in Bokeo and elsewhere using local knowledge techniques in local languages to create sustainable livelihoods that build on local knowledge and traditions.

How RRDPA is building its research capacity and doing Participatory Rural Appraisals and needs assessments for locally based projects.

Organization Development workshops we conducted for Lao Non-for-Profit Associations / NPAs for DED's "Capacity building project for NPAs"

RRDPA set up its Action Research Unit in October 2008

Our Action Research Unit provides participatory research for community development such as participatory needs assessments, baseline surveys, PM&E consultancies, PRA and other action- and decision oriented research.

The Action Research Unit conducted research in 2009 for the Mekong Institute on "Impacts of land and forest policies on the livelihood of ethnic minorities in Lao PDR" (field research conducted in 5 villages of Tatdeng District, Sekong province in 09/'09 with a focus on land concessions). 

 The research was presented March 23-24 in the South East Asian CSO Consultation in Kuala Lumpur with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Prof. Olivier de Schuetter, on the issue of land rights and the enjoyment of the right to food. 

It was also presented in a workshop on land rights issues organized by Village Focus International, and in the Third International Conference on Lao Studies in Khon Kaen in July 2010.


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